Let me guess. You’ve been …


  • All up in those Facebook groups {or insert favorite platform here} spending hours for little return — or ready to stop hustling and bring in someone who can do it for you
  • Wondering where that next lead will come from because you honestly don’t have a plan or the plan you have isn’t working
  • Surviving on referrals alone — or not surviving at all
  • Building your tribe and email list but for some reason they’re not quite converting like you’d like
  • Wishing the marketing could take care of itself so you could just show up and do more of what you love (even if that means take more time off for those who matter most)


Well, my love — you have made it to the right place.


I’m Kate Boyd, a marketing and launch strategist, who specializes in mobilizing tribes of all sizes into results for your business like big conversion rates through strategic (and stress-free) launches, confusion-free marketing plans that get you hot leads more consistently, and solid sales funnels and email marketing that nurture your subscribers into clients and customers.


And you get more freedom to create the business and life you dreamed up from the start.

I reached out to Kate because I created a new program, but I was struggling to convey the message clearly to my audience. I was ready to launch and feeling very unsure about it, but somehow Kate was able to read my mind, capture exactly what I wanted to say, and share that with my audience. All of the content and materials she created were authentic and done in a way that connected to my brand and voice. It not only saved me time, but it also converted clients into my program. I can’t wait to hire Kate again in the future.

Addi Ganley

Business Mentor

Kate is an amazing marketing and visibility strategist. With her strategy, I was able to book more clients in one month than I thought possible. And when it came time for me to start thinking about launching my podcast, Kate stepped up with a wonderful launch plan. She created a tailored, detailed schedule for me to follow that was bigger and better than anything I could’ve come up with. If you’re looking for more visibility online, or if you’re gearing up for a big launch, you definitely need to talk to Kate.

Ardelia Lee


Kate is an AMAZING combination of copy queen, strategist, and overall digital maven! She is stellar at seeing the things others can’t in business and then creating a plan to get results faster! I’ve watched her rock both of her businesses, convert with CRAZY percentages, and love on her clients in the biggest way!

Lacey Craig

Business Strategist + Success Coach, A Lit Up Life

Choose your own adventure style!


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Learn the 4 most common mistakes people make with their visibility that keeps it from turning into clients (and what to do instead).


PROBLEM: Ready to launch but don't wanna mess it up.

Don’t miss any crucial parts of your launch with my “Ready, Set, Launch!” checklist.


PROBLEM: I need marketing help stat!

Learn more about how I can help you get more consistent leads and clients with my marketing strategy intensives or CMO services.


It was absolutely a joy to work with Kate. Even though I have a background in lead nurturing, I needed a fresh set of eyes on my email funnels in my business. Kate came in and helped me create a funnel strategy to nurture my potential clients and convert into paying clients, and that gave me great feedback to tweak them even more after the emails were written. I would highly recommend working with Kate on all things marketing, funnels, and launches. In addition to her amazing strengths in those areas, she’s such an amazing person and really took the time to listen to my particular needs, sales process, and was patient with me. — Joy Martinez

Joy Martinez

Strengths Empowerment Coach, StrengthsDNA

No doubt, my very first group coaching program sold so well thanks to Kate’s help copywriting my sales page! She was able to take my heart for women and translate it to a beautiful sales message.

Anna Frandsen

Business Coach + Mentor to Women