Last year, the organization at which I worked had a huge fundraising event. My job was to make the program compelling and on target to cast vision and inspire them to take action by giving.


And in that one night, we raised over $200,000. That’s the power of communication. And online marketing is just another way of saying “good communication.” So today, I’m gonna share with you the strategic keys to making yours build your authority and bottom line.


1. Right people


There’s a reason every talks about knowing your ideal customer. You need to know them intimately so you can create connect with them.


So take some time to know their dreams, desires, pain points, and fears. Then also know their age, their gender, marital status, and other general demographics. All of this helps you when you hit the other two items on this list.


2. Right place and/or medium


Now that you know who you’re talking to, you’ll be able to narrow down where to talk to them. It’s important because shouting the right message at the wrong people will be wasted time.


In order to increase the ROI of your communication, you need to know where your people are and how to use that place to connect the best. If you’re trying to reach 30 year olds on Snapchat or teenagers on Facebook then you’re not using the most effective platforms.


3. Right message


Equally as important as who you talk to and where you talk to them is what to say. You want the message to connect with them and inspire them to engage or take the right action.


So go back to part one and look at what they want and need and how that lines up with what you do. Then deliver value, connect emotionally, and create a message that connects and makes you stand out.


Want to get more tips on how to create captivating content? I’ve put together a new freebie workbook with 6 lessons we can learn from Jesus on how to communicate well and inspire action in our audiences. I’ve added a little “the perfect Facebook post” bonus worksheet in there too so you can immediately apply what you’ve learned.


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