I want to brag on my clients today … because last week I think there were some big breakthroughs for them! And, frankly, I just get SO excited to see them making progress.


  • One signed two clients in ONE DAY (I basically did cartwheels for her after getting that message)
  • One signed a new client AND shared her message in a new space and instantly got a dozen private messages from hot leads
  • One just finished a whirlwind of a little speaking tour and launched a beta test of her group program (which sold out BTW) and landed some high level collaborations
  • One took a big step to write some launch emails for her passive income product + is starting to set big goals with what’s next for her business
  • One decided to launch a whole new side to her business and is already working it
  • Several in my Dreamer to Doer challenge are experiencing some radical clarity around their business and are super pumped about it


These are all happening because they honed in on what has brought them the most success + using that to support and focus their revenue generation activities. I’m SO proud of them!


So it occurred to me that it would be helpful to share with you some of the activities they’ve been taking to get them where they are now.


Here are the 3 main types of action and some ways you can incorporate them into your business today to start seeing results.


Mindset … to believe you can have revenue generation


Did you know that our brain ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY CHANGES based on positive or negative thought patterns over time?


When I first heard this it blew me away. I didn’t believe it … but there’s actually a science about it. Further proving that mindset matters oh so much.


That’s why I’ve included mindset in revenue generation activities because I know that changing mine literally changed my life (and my business). Once I got so clear and convicted about what I was here to do and that I could actually do it then surrendered it to God’s will — incredible things happened.


Because your belief in yourself will drive the actions you take, I wanted to share some ways to keep your mindset fresh and focused on building your dream — and then we’ll talk action tomorrow and Wednesday!


Here are some activities for you:


… Prayer

… Reading God’s Word

… Listening to worship music

… Reading + creating affirmations (Kelley Robbins + Allie Davis are great at this)

… Reading nice things about yourself others have shared

… Eating well + exercising

… Creating a good routine for yourself (morning or evening or nap time)

… Having community support where you can be vulnerable and also celebrate

… One song dance parties to get your blood flowing and pick up the vibe (a personal fave of mine)


Visibility … to create awareness for revenue generation


There’s an expression we use here in the online world — the KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST FACTOR.


And we often get so excited to get to the trust part that we forget to add in activities that start us off at square one — KNOW. That’s where visibility comes in.


Before they have a hope of liking or trusting you, they have to know WHO YOU ARE. It’s the same with any other kind of relationship — and Jesus even had his own “sales funnel” of sorts.


/// He spoke everywhere he went to crowds large and small.

/// He had a group of 120 followers that were dedicated to him.

/// He had a group of 12 that he invested in deeply.

/// He had a group of 3 that he entrusted with even more.


But it started with people just knowing who he was and what he was about before they got to “trust you with my life and eternity” status, right?


Same for you. So here’s a list of activities you can take to start getting your business KNOWN.


… Content creation + sharing

… Relationship building with potential clients, peers, and influencers

… Social media engagement (includes but not limited to Facebook groups)

… Publicity + exposure through guest posts, podcasts, and other media

… Reaching out to your personal network

… Networking locally

… Building your email list and/or Facebook group


It’s really all about relationships, sharing your message + helping others wherever you can, and building your tribe.


THAT helps build your KLT and your business.


Sales … to create opportunity for revenue generation


I’m not gonna lie, Dreamer. Sales used to feel super bad to me — part of that was confidence and part of that was flat out fear. Especially since my business is part ministry (or deals with spiritual things) I found myself getting stuck around sales.


Then it occurred to me that …


  1. I couldn’t have a profitable and healthy business without it
  2. I’d be helping others with their businesses so it’d be hypocritical for me to ask them to sell and I didn’t.
  3. It’s kinda selfish to keep my wisdom and the opportunity to move forward with my help to myself and not serve you at my highest level because I’m scared.


That’s when I realized that SELLING IS SERVING and I needed to get out of my own way and take action. Then I focused on a few specific things so I could get clear, grow faster, and help clients.


So here are some sales activities that you can do every day to move  your business forward.


… Offer free services for clarity, practice, and testimonials

… Do market research or validating of offers (then reach out to the market research peeps when you create something for their problem)

… Connect with other entrepreneurs to collaborate + create referrals

… Building + communicating with your tribe

… Asking for + having discovery calls

… Following up with all your contacts from any of the above


See how all of those are actually super service-oriented? Once I started engaging in these things, I started getting clients + my whole biz went from zero to full in less than 6 months.




Wanna know something about revenue generation activities that most people won’t tell you about? You’ve gotta keep doing them.


It’s easy to think that “Once I get to X goal, I will have made it and can stop.” But that’s not totally true — at least if you want to continue to get leads and continue to grow your impact. I’ve worked with 3 high level coaches and ALL of them still do these activities in some way because they’re what keep things moving.


So the final revenue generation activity, well characteristic really, is consistency. It’s showing up and serving even when you don’t feel like it. It’s sending that pitch email even when you’re scared or that final follow up email even when you’ve heard crickets so far. It’s getting on the phone and helping or posting in that Facebook group today.


That’s how we build the TRUST part of the know, like, and trust. Consistency creates trust and trust builds your business.


Give yourself grace … but don’t give yourself excuses. It’s important to show up for yourself and those you want to serve every chance you get.


Which area do you most need to focus on in your weekly action plans — mindset, sales, or visibility?