I had no idea the depths of the Facebook Group world when I started this business six months ago. I had used one successfully as part of my paid product for my other business but had no clue how to use them for a service-based business now that I had one.


But I quickly noticed it was the go-to strategy for so many coaches and online entrepreneurs, and you know why? Because it works. It creates amazing connections and gets you in front of thousands of potential customers … that is if you’re targeting entrepreneurs, moms, side hustlers, people wanting to improve their health, and a few other target markets.


It’s a great place to find and build community, and you can start with these types of post to get your name out there and boosting your visibility by using groups.


The Intro


When you enter a new group or haven’t introduced yourself in a while, you need to craft an introduction post so people know who you are and what you do. This is a great chance to show your personality and display your expertise.


It should include your title and one-liner and a little something fun or unique too!




Stories are one of the most captivating communication tools. So I recommend you use them all the time (even in these other post types!). These are a great chance to connect in a compelling way, show results, describe transformation, or teach a lesson.


Share about your why, client triumphs, a challenge you overcame, why you started your business, and more. The people want to know!




You should know by now that the golden rule of online marketing is to lead with value. You’ll hear it over and over and over … because it’s true. That’s why creating bite-sized tips that show your expertise and personality are a great way to get visible.


So break down some of your main pillars into other categories that you can give micro tips about. Make sure they’re actionable and interesting or hit on a specific pain point so people will connect and read them.


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Who doesn’t love to be inspired, right? Quotes are great for that. This is where you can be the one who brings them words that stop them in their tracks and bring a shift in their mind.


Gather up some of your favorite quotes that apply to your audience and post a little tidbit from yourself that can give some interesting perspective or share a story about how this quote helped you.




Everyone has an opinion. That is a fact. And best of all, there are no shortages of opinions in these types of groups. Everyone loves to share! So take advantage of that.


Come up with a list of questions that would be helpful for you to know for research, a quick get to know you, or something fun and light to spark conversations and make more connections.




One of the best ways to expand your platform is to share it generously with others. Facebook Group marketing is all about the relationships and giving a shoutout is a great way to share.


So if you saw someone doing awesome, call them out and cheer them on. Someone write the most amazing blog post ever? Share that like crazy and tag ‘em. Have the best conversation with someone just now? Tell everyone how awesome it was connecting.


When it comes to Facebook Group marketing, sharing is caring! All of these ways are great for sharing more about you, your knowledge, and your friends.


But there are ways to make your Facebook posts more engaging and compelling so you’re not just another voice in the crowd. You want to stand out and be seen for all the awesomeness you are.


So I’ve got a free download for you with tips for the “Perfect Facebook Group Post” and some great tips for creating captivating content to use. Just hit the button and pop in your email and you get it instantly!


Get it now!


Now you can share with confidence and start being seen for the expert and amazing human you are!


free training: visibility to profitability