follower of Jesus


I became a believer when I was young and my heart has been to serve him fully since college. In that time, I’ve also worked to lead others in obedience-based discipleship through leading small group, writing lessons, sharing the gospel, and speaking in classrooms and on stages. I affirm the Nicene Creed.

native Texan


I was born and raised in Texas {though I’m an Arkansa Razorbacks fan}. I reside in Dallas with my husband and pup, and we love being involved in our local community and playing trivia and board games.


world traveler


I’ve stepped foot on 5 continents on mission trips, vacations, and business trips … and it’s my heart to see the world and worship alongside them on earth and in Heaven.


business owner


I own a digital marketing agency that creates hand-crafted marketing strategy and content to turn more leads into customers. I and my small team manage several clients and marketing campaigns each month in support of other business owners living their full purpose and potential.


creative communicator


I have a journalism degree and have dedicated my adult life to communicating well and teaching others to do the same. I’ve helped shaped the messages of missions organizations, small businesses, universities, missionaries, and Bible teaching. Using words and stories to help others connect with difficult concepts is my passion and my gift.


truth teller


I’m not a seminary graduate, but I’ve witnessed the Church and faithful believers all over the world — and I know that where my education lacks, the Holy Spirit can fill the gap. I love to inspire, challenge, and equip believers to live more fully in the Truth … even when it’s hard to do so.