You’ve been building your business with long hours and lots of hustle.


But something’s not working for you.


Because your visibility should be turning into clients by now. Or you’re on the verge of burning out by constantly having to find and nurture leads just to keep the income rolling in so you can continue making the impact you know you were meant for.


It’s time for a new approach. One that …


  • Maximizes your time without sacrificing your success
  • Turns your subscribers into buyers (while still being true to you)
  • Gets leads on the regular so you never feel like the well is drying up
  • Gives you more time to do the parts of your business that you love
  • Creates some of that space and freedom you wanted when you started your own biz in the first place


I’ve got your back, lovely.

I’m Kate.


And marketing is my jam.


I’ve raised 7 figures in revenue for a non-profit organization through powerful messaging, copywriting, and marketing.


I’ve built a successful online passive income, digital product-based business that brought in $40k in 2 years while only working 7 hours PER MONTH through consistent and valuable communication — on the side of my day job.


I’ve even run a profitable, service-based business as a coach that turned my small tribe of 600 people into 21 one-on-one clients and 50+ group program students with launches that felt good and online marketing that landed me leads on the regular from Instagram, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, in-person networking, and guest blogging.


And now I help other purpose-driven entrepreneurs see big results from their marketing without having to spend all day hustling just to keep the doors open by …


  • Seeing what’s broken in your marketing and fix it for bigger results
  • Creating step-by-step, customized marketing plans that build trust with potential clients
  • Launching with less stress and higher conversion rates
  • Mapping and writing sales funnels that take your customers on a journey from freebies to paid offers and better prospects
  • Doing it all for you so you can do more of what you love every day


Here’s what I know for sure …


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


If you’ve been getting visible but not clients OR you’re ready to up-level your marketing to up-level your results while also giving you more freedom, then it’s time to do something different to get those bigger and better results you’re looking for.



Now that we’ve covered the important and deep stuff, it’s time for a little play. 🙂


Here are 10 other things about me that you might not know by looking at me.


ONE: I’m a native Texan (and won’t let you forget just which state is the best). #texasforever


TWO: I’m the wife to Daniel and the mom to Sergeant Doom (the MUCH less scary than his name suggests) pug.


THREE: I used to work as a marketing director for a Christian missions organization and got paid to travel and tell God’s stories. I’m passionate about Jesus and making sure everyone has the chance to know about him and still participate in mission trips today.


FOUR: But I’ve also got a lot of other things I love–including cheerleading, for which I built my own business to coach new coaches.


FIVE: My bucket list has 1 item … see every country in the world. I’ve managed to make it to 5 continents so far, but desperately want more. 🙂


SIX: I watch way too much Netflix and fancy myself a TV and movie critic … but I’m really just jealous of all the talented writers who tell those stories.


SEVEN: I’m an unrepentant introvert who carries her Kindle in her purse in case she’s alone or overwhelmed at a party … but who also loves to to connect one-on-one.


EIGHT: I have 5 tattoos (a Greek word, a latin phrase, an arrow, an ellipsis, and a paper airplane), and each one serves as a reminder to myself of something important.


NINE: My favorite Church experiences happen around a table or through laughter in my living room. Or deep and honest conversations over coffee (well, tea for me!).


TEN: My hidden talents are that I can still do a back handspring (yay cheerleading!) and I do pretty good impressions (sometimes).