Believers Business Academy

You thought that starting an online business was the answer to your prayers. Then you started feeling overwhelmed.

It turns out you don’t just have to be good at what YOU do. You have to be a ...






... and more all while trying to keep up with your littles, your job, and your church obligations.

Suddenly, you’re feeling lost, drained, and stuck in fear … so you stop -- even if just for a moment to catch your breath and scour the internet for resources before falling asleep at the computer feeling like a failure.

Ugh, I’ve been there. And if you look around, all those polished leaders you see out there have too. 

But there’s one thing we all have in common -- we got help and we prayed … a lot.

And finally there’s a place where you get both kinds of support as you build a solid foundation for your online business.

We all know the Bible story about the two men building their homes -- one built his on a rock and the other built his on sand. (And if you're like me, you still remember the song from church in your childhood!)

Needless to say, when the storm came only one house was standing. 

Entrepreneurship is full of rocky roads, big winds, and twists and turns. But if your business is built on a firm foundation, you’ll find success. 

My goal with Believers Business Academy is to provide a space for you to learn the basic skillsets all online entrepreneurs need, take the right actions to get clients, and get profitable in your first year of business. 

I don’t want you hanging around forever. I want you to graduate BBA in 6-9 months because you’re ready for bigger and better things in your business. 

I’ve created it with the key ingredients every entrepreneur needs to thrive in their first year in business … 

Opportunities to Learn … with my mini-courses that will help you find your business idea, get your first client, build your email list, and more. 

Community … with a membership model to always be surrounded by like-minded women on your same journey who really get you. 

Prayer + Spiritual Growth … with monthly opportunities to get inspiration from God’s Word and weekly chances to pray with and for one another. 

Accountability … with a personally matched accountability partner to be your companion and biggest cheerleader and also make sure you are taking action on your dream each week. 

Personalized Help … with weekly chances to ask me questions, opportunities to be on the “hot seat” in group coaching sessions to go deeper, and new trainings that meet your biggest needs. 

Just $67 per month or $175 for 3 months 

(minimum 3 month commitment)