You know marketing can make or break your business. But you’ve reached a place in your business where you’re ready to hand it off to some marketing genius so you can work in your zone even more (because, let’s face it, your CEO time and skills are best spent elsewhere).


I work with passionate and talented entrepreneurs building their dream businesses who just want to live in their zone of genius without having to hassle with marketing.


That’s where I come in as your personal CMO.


I  take the marketing off your ahnds so you get consistent leads without having to do the strategy, creation, or execution of it while still reaping the benefits of consistent leads {and, therefore, consistent cashflow}.


That’s right. I take the hassle out of your marketing by, well, doing it for you.


And you get more visibility

which leads to more leads

which creates more sales

while also getting more time.


I’ve got a couple of retainer options that might just be perfect for you.


Repurposing Retainer, $1,000/month (2 spots open)


Perfect for you if: You love being the person behind your content, but you don’t have time to create every single piece of it that gets sent out on social media.


With this retainer level, we come together to plan your content each month, so you know what to write to meet your goals. Then you get to continue writing your blog posts (or creating videos + podcasts), and I then take those and turn them into emails and social media posts so your content goes further and can be repurposed in the future so you make the most of every piece of content you create.


Strategy + Copy Retainer, $1,500/month (1 spot open)


Perfect for you if: You’re not a big fan of having to endlessly create, and you’re ready to hand off all the big marketing creation tasks so you can focus more on your zone of genius.


This retainer package comes with strategy and creation for 4 blog posts, up to 60 social media posts per channel for up to 3 channels, and 4 email newsletters. This would include collaborating with you to make sure the content is supporting your goals and that your point of view and knowledge is incorporated into every piece created.


(There are also optional a la carte add ons like set up + scheduling of content, FB ads management or copy, sales funnels, launches, pitching, and additional emails/blogs/social content)


Online CMO Retainer, $2,500/month (1 spots open)


Perfect for you if: You’re ready to hand off all the copywriting and marketing strategy tasks that you don’t like and streamline your team and spending so you get the most bang for your buck.


This retainer package includes everything from the basic retainer level and all of the add-ons listed there that you desire. I essentially become your marketing department in full without you having to worry about what special projects you’re paying for at what time, and if you launch often, frequently tweak funnels, or want to streamline marketing tasks for your team like scheduling, ads, and more, this is the best package for you for its flexibility.


Let’s talk about your needs and see if I’m your gal for take away a little of the hustle and leave you with more impact in your business.

I’m Kate.


And marketing is my jam.


I’ve built two successful online businesses in very different niches (online business coaching and coaching cheerleading). Plus I’ve coached clients in creating strategies that get clients in niches like copywriting, health coaching, life coaching, social strategy, business coaching, ministry, and styling — proving that good marketing principles are universal and can easily be applied in every arena.


I cut my teeth in journalism and nonprofit marketing as a copywriter, social media coordinator, and marketing director for a $15 million/year nonprofit. I’ve built community and raised money for intangible results worldwide — sometimes six figures in one night.


Great content and tribe nurturing is where I shine. As a natural writer and teacher, I am able to help you break down those complicated concepts to share with your audience and create communication plans that nurture them into customers. I myself with a small list filled up my coaching practice (twice), sold out two group programs, and launch with conversion rates regularly in the 5-10% range. Plus my social media content on all channels has landed me discovery calls and clients.


I do voices. As a copywriter at that nonprofit, I wrote in the voice of 5 different people regularly. I’m great at picking up on your style and substance so it doesn’t sound like me but you. There’s no disrupt or confusion, so when you get people on the phone they don’t doubt for a second it’s the same person.


I balance the strategy and the heart. I fully believe in deep connection and emotionally driven content, but I also want it to strategically build your business. So I find the balance between stories and SEO that help you get found but also compelling to follow.


I love to plan, create, and execute. I have the rare combination of creativity and administration. So I’m able to create plans, manage teams and projects, and put them out into the world with excellence and success. I enjoy working alone or with a team of dedicated professionals. So I fit into any team structure.

And I want to support you so you can do what only you can.


Because here’s what I know. You are awesome.


And I just might be your go-to girl. But I only take a limited number of CMO clients per year, so it’s important we are a perfect fit.


I want to help you get off that hamster wheel and give you back more of your time without sacrificing your success. Because I believe you deserve to have that success and enjoy it. So let me do it for you.


Does all that up there sound like a dream come true?


Fabulous, my dear. Let’s start by you setting up a date for some coffee to talk about falling in love with your business again and see if we wanna take our relationship to the next level.