You’re working hard. You were told that if you kept going someday you’ll reach the level to afford your dreams. But what you’re discovering is that the next level only brings more work and less freedom. More hustle and less heart.

And you want a rich life—full of laughter, love, and LIVING.

You’ve got dreams of freedom and a life you don’t need a vacation from.

You’ve got one life, and you don’t wanna waste it in the office. You’ve got bigger things to do.

What if I told you you didn’t have to wait any longer?

What if I told you you could finally have the freedom to do what matters most?

What if I told you all of that was possible even inevitable when you take the right steps?

And you don’t need anything special to do it …

  • not high level Ivy league degrees
  • not specialized skills and certifications
  • not 18 hour work days

You can build a business even without a lot of time (and with a job + family).

kate circleThat’s my story.

I worked a full-time job and built two businesses I adore from the ground up.

Three years ago, I started a blog for cheerleading coaches and realized they needed something more. They needed in-depth training to reach their potential and be competent and confident coaches. So I took a leap and they bought in.

I still earn half my income through passive income streams built by that original business. And God called me to something bigger.

I now take my coaching skills and apply them to businesses. With a background in communication strategies, I give entrepreneurs the focus, attention, and step-by-step systems to build their businesses their way—utilizing their unique gifts and their small pockets of time.

Today, I have a life that gives me the freedom to have gospel-centered coffee dates, work from a laptop in Europe, connect with family deeply, and wake up excited to work every single day.

And that work is to help you build a business that lasts from the ground up so you finally have the freedom you’ve been longing for.

It only takes 10 things to create an online business that lasts.

Finding total confidence in who you are, what God created you to do, and why it’s okay people pay for your gifts

Creating your message and style to be instantly recognizable

Taking the right actions to build your business and make you money

Putting your dreams into actionable plans and making it easy to make them real

Saying goodbye to IT overwhelm by learning the ins and outs of all the tech you need

Refining your business idea, learning about your audience, and knowing your big WHY

Putting together an offer that you love and your clients can’t wait to say “yes” to

Getting strategically visible so your message reaches the right people in the right places at the right time

Building your tribe of raving fans and followers (that become customers)

Creating strategic hype and delivering the value to roll out your next big thing

I’ve built two businesses from scratch into solid businesses that (still) earn enough income to support my life of freedom. It’s because I took the time, honed the strategies, and focused on my audience. And I help you do the same using the knowledge I’ve collected in over three years in business.

That’s what I bring to the table. A bonafide, trial by fire solopreneur from scratch, hands-on education.

So you can go further faster.

You could …

  • Spend more days doing endless research trying to determine who to trust.
  • Spend months spinning your wheels trying to figure out how that business training works for your business idea.
  • Watch all your biz buddies gain momentum wondering how you’ll get there.
  • Take another course and dish out more money for someone to tell you how they did it instead of telling you how you can do it.
  • Keep working at the parts of business that don’t come naturally and feeling lost and behind every day that you see others succeed.

But let’s face it. You don’t have time for that.

You’ve got …

  • a job
  • responsibility
  • a family
  • social commitments
  • a life

Time to choose yourself and start your own adventure with one of the options below.