Launching a new product or service requires raising your visibility, your reputation as an authority on the subject, and the buzz around your product topic or problem you’re solving. One of the best ways to do that is to plan a pre-launch event that kicks off everything — what I like to call a digital product launch trigger.


This gives you a high leverage way to bring people into your tribe who want that problem solved, and it gives you something to talk about to establish authority leading up to your launch. I call this a launch trigger, and it’s one of the biggest pieces to your launch.


What to Keep in Mind


Here’s the thing though: it almost doesn’t matter what the launch trigger is. What matters more is that the topic fits with your product.


Your launch trigger needs to do one or more of these things …


  • Bring awareness to a problem you’re solving
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and ability to get results around your topic
  • Help your audience get a result they need to be ready for your product
  • Enlighten your audience as to how to get the best results from the problem being solved


So no matter the option, it’s most important that you’re helping them to get prepared to buy more than which particular mechanism you choose. And you can combine several of these during a launch to keep momentum (i.e. use one to kickoff and others to keep momentum or excitement).


With that, let’s look at some options.


Digital Product Launch Trigger 1: Challenge


A challenge is almost a 5 day mini-course designed to get a quick result. This helps people get traction in one area and get their little win to keep moving forward.


It’s not very in-depth and should be more specific in nature than say a mini-course or full on course. This is helpful to help people solve the problem right before they problem you solve with your product.


Digital Product Launch Trigger 2: Video Series


This is kind of the O.G. of launch triggers. A 3-4 part video series helps paint an overall picture of how to get the result they’re looking for. It doesn’t go deep into strategy but usually shows a framework.


This is also helpful to show teaching style and share stories of success from yourself and others to get people into your programs.


Digital Product Launch Trigger 3: Webinars or Masterclasses


If you’re selling a course, a webinar is a fantastic way to kick off your launch. This shows your teaching style and helps people with a problem related to your product.


This can be a deep dive into one aspect or focus more on the overall framework, but either way it should demonstrate knowledge and help people understand more about your area of expertise in a tangible way.


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Digital Product Launch Trigger 4: Mini-Course


Again if you’re selling a course, a mini-course or long-term challenge can be great ways to build up to your launch.


This is set up much like a course environment with a community and lessons that drop but need more time to implement than a few days as in the case of a challenge. This allows for people to experience your style firsthand and help them really build trust with you before your launch.


Digital Product Launch Trigger 5: Social Movement or Pop-Up Community


A movement or community is a great way to build momentum around ideas. What I love about these ideas is that you build trust with authenticity and stories at their heart.


If your product is perhaps more connection or mindset-based, then a social movement or community could be a great way to foster that before they purchase so they know what it’ll be like inside the product environment.


Digital Product Launch Trigger 6: Interview Series/Summit


A summit or interview series is an awesome list building strategy. This is great because you leverage the networks of other well-known people to build your own.


This works by creating a theme close to your product then reaching out to influencers to participate. They’ll likely bring their networks along, and you’ll get the benefit of it. The downside is that you’re highlighting others and not necessarily yourself. So this could be a good visibility builder before launch time.


Digital Product Launch Trigger 7: Your Creative Way


These are a few common ways, but there is always room for innovation and creativity in your launch. So don’t be afraid to break the mold.


What’s most important is that you look at the nature of your product and your strengths and find the one that matches up most clearly to grow, nurture, and convert your tribe. It also helps to ask: What am I going to teach/share? What format will do that best?


If you get those things down, the launch trigger will arise naturally! I’ve personally used them all with success. So whichever one works for you is the one that works best.

What is your favorite way to launch? Or which are you looking to try next?

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7 Ways to Kickoff Your Digital Product Launch