You’ve been amazing at landing organic leads and you’ve got your sales systems down.


But now you need to multiply yourself to get more leads {and more sales}.


That’s where Facebook ads can come in to skyrocket and scale your business.


Kate Boyd

Buuuuuut that feels way over you and your team’s heads. You don’t have time or energy to sink into learning a new strategy.


You’re ready to outsource and get the help you need so you don’t waste time or money on your ads.


That’s where I come in!


I’ve been running ads in various forms for 3 years … and they convert at industry rates or higher.


Plus I’ve got the skills to back up the strategy like …


  • Content strategy chops that nurture audiences well
  • Copywriting skills to capture attention and hearts
  • Mad research skills to make sure we find your audience
  • Thoughtful planning to keep you on budget and on goal
  • Dedication to learn and stay on top of industry trends and Facebook changes


And I wanna help you scale your biz in style with Facebook ads. Here are some options for you:


Facebook ad set up, $700 (recommended ad spend $300-500)

Includes …

  • Target audience finding (3 weeks)
  • Pixel set up for tracking
  • Ad copy + creative
  • Main campaign ad set up and 2 weeks of tracking for main campaign
  • Strategy to drive goals
  • Landing page + funnel optimization suggestions


Ongoing Facebook ad management, $500/month (recommended ad spend, $500/month minimum)

  • Comprehensive campaign strategy focused on one main sales funnel/product/service
  • Ad copy + creative
  • Ad setup and tracking for the month
  • Continual optimization, testing, and communication
  • Landing page + funnel optimization suggestions


Ready to know more or get your ads up and running?


Fabulous, let’s sit down and chat to see if I’m the gal to take your business to the next level.