There’s only a couple of things that you need to really start your business.


  1. An idea
  2. A plan
  3. Customers or clients


But you don’t want just any old clients. You want the right clients. You want dream clients.


And before you can attract the dreamy clients you’ve gotta clear up a few things first.


Know who they are


The people you want to work with are special. They fit with you perfectly and they need what you have to offer. But in order to attract that, you’ve gotta define it.


  • What is it that they need help with?
  • Why?
  • What do they do now?
  • What are their big dreams?


These are all questions (and there are lots more) you have to start with in order to really understand who your client is deep down. Then you can start creating packages and marketing to find them.


Know why you want to work with them


We all serve different audiences because we love working with different kinds of people. PArt of that is based on our experiences or our expertise or just our personal preference for personalities.


But they want to hear why you want to help them and why you two are the right fit. So narrow down the “why” of your service and they will connect better with you and what you do.


Know where they are


You can talk all you want to, but it won’t matter if you’re saying it to the wrong people. You’ve gotta go looking for your clients where they already are.


  • What blogs do they read all the time?
  • What Facebook groups are they in?
  • Who else do they follow?
  • What services or products do they use?
  • Where do they go to talk to each other?


When you know those things, you can strategically place yourself there … right where your message is waiting to be heard.


Know how they talk about their problems


You solve problems. Specifically, you get paid to solve the problem your dream client is having. But sometimes there’s a breakdown between how you talk about their problems and how they do.


You live in an expert bubble. You’ve got all the proper terms and jargon-y ways to say everything. But your dream clients don’t. They express how they’re feeling about things and how they can’t overcome that obstacle. Once you get into the places they’re in, listen clearly to how they ask questions or survey them to hear about their biggest struggles in their own words.


When you know how they talk about their problems, you can remove those communication barriers and help them find the help they really need (and you can give!).

Client Generation To-Do List