Getting people on your email newsletter list is only the beginning.


I remember back in my first business when I got my first email subscriber. It was an amazing feeling …  followed by immediate panic. What in the world would I even send?


I knew it was important, but I didn’t know what to do now!


Thankfully, I have learned a little over the years, and today I’m sharing with you the ways to get your email actually read.


Write Clickable Subject Lines


The first way to get people to read is first to get them to open. It matters, friend. So make headline and subject line writing part of your “must learn” list. Here are some formulas you can start with …


  • [#] Ways to [Get Result] in [Time Frame]
  • How I [Did Something] Without [Negative Thought/Feeling/Circumstance]
  • What [Celebrity/Thought Leader/TV Character] Can Teach You About [Subject Matter]
  • How to [Do Something] that [Achieves a Result]
  • Can Your [Item] Really Give You [Result]?


Another little tip is that you can use emojis to add some color and stand out in the inbox. Or use something they don’t always see. For example, I use brackets so they know it’s from me. Or you can use some other simple keyboard symbols that fit your style.


Give Real Value


Most of the time I spend working on my business is really spent creating content. Content is the #1 way to build authority and find your audience. I’m a firm believer in that, and it definitely applies to your email list.


So create great content that is of actual value to your community. Then use your newsletter to deliver it or to point them in the right direction to it. You don’t have to deliver everything in the newsletter either. You can definitely link out to your blog post or other content if you’d like.


Add a Special Touch


There are a lot of entrepreneurs who use their newsletter to only send people to their blog or website or send their blog post in there directly, and I’m gonna say … you need a little something more.


Your list is where your relationships are. So you want to be giving them a little extra piece of you and your knowledge. That’s why I use mine to tell stories related to my blog post and give a little more insight around the topic with Scripture and worship. I like to add some extra dimension.


Find your thing and add that in there too so they don’t feel like you’re always just pushing them to read your stuff. If you write good stuff, they’ll do that anyway. Make them feel special.


Write to One Person


You know that you’re writing to multiple people, and your readers might too. But here’s what you need to know … when she sits down to read it in her inbox, she is reading it alone. It’s just you and your dream client.


So you want to write as though it’s that way. Write like you speak. Keep the tone friendly. And definitely keep it personal and simple. In fact, keeping the look simple too can be more delivery-friendly and seem more personal and approachable.


Make It a Conversation


This is not just your broadcast tool. It’s not just where you show up and tell everyone about your amazing content and products. It’s a relational tool.


Don’t make it sleazy. Instead, use it to have a conversation. Ask questions and ask that they respond (you’ll get great insight into your client’s mind this way too). This is the place to inspire and connect. So don’t forget to do that sometimes and not just sell.


Be Y-O-U


The #1 way to keep from feeling icky when you write your marketing pieces (like email) is to be you. Use your voice, your words, your tone, your style, your stories. It let’s them get to know you and get a sense for who you are.


And don’t be afraid to be open and vulnerable too. It makes you human in addition to hero of your subject area. So open up and let out your personality. They’re gonna get it when they work with you so you might as well start letting them have it now!

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