When you work online you start to feel the pressure to stand out in a noisy world.


In my first business, I honestly didn’t have an issue because I was a pioneer. The ONLY one doing what I do. I still had to work hard, but it made things a little simpler in the marketing department.


But when I started my coaching business I quickly realized I was in a crowded market. I wondered what in the world could I offer that others didn’t already. How am I going to succeed when there are thousands of people who do what I do?


Then I remembered something about online business. It’s only kinda about what you do and a lot about who you are.


You are your unique selling point.


In a crowded world, you have to own your gifts and differences. Here are a few ways you can differentiate yourself in the online marketplace.


Your Voice and Personality


In the online world, people don’t buy what you do or sell. They buy who you are. When thousands of people do what you do, the difference is clear–you are YOU.


So don’t try to talk like everyone else or look like everyone else. Be you.


Use your words, your style, and your personality. Infuse them into your marketing and you will attract people who want to work with you and not the person you’re pretending to be.


Your Stories


If you want my top marketing tip, it’s this. Tell good stories. Tell YOUR stories.


No one has your exact set of unique experiences. God has given you something no other people in the world have. It’s how your life weaves together and brings you here to do your work that makes you special.


Tell your stories. Tell your why. Tell them your failures and successes. They want you then they want your help.


Your Gifts


Here’s the truth … even though you do a lot like others do, you do it with a unique flair because of your gifts. You can embrace those.


I knew I had a gift for teaching and writing. Some people have the gift of gab and community. My businesses needed to be like me because it needed to feel good but it also needed to attract the people who wanted the skills I have.


You’ve got special gifts. Use them. Consistently show the world what you can do and the right people will come.


Your Customer Experience


Even when it comes to your packages and offerings, you may feel that yours are just like everyone else’s. Don’t make them that way. You can create a unique customer experience that people will love.


What are the ways you love to share information or show love? What are the ways you can surprise and delight? What is your special business icing on the cake of your awesome offerings?


Think through the way you like to work and how you can use that to your advantage to create something different from everyone else.


You aren’t like everyone else. So you should stop trying to be. Start sharing your unique message and gifts with the world and find the customers that you love and that love you.

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