Before you take the big scary leap into business, you want to make sure that you have an idea that’ll work. Business is scary enough without having to worry about whether or not people want what you have to offer.


So here’s a list of ways to check out your idea to see if there’s a market for it already.


Before you have an audience




Search the best-sellers lists and see if there are any books around your particular subject matter. If there are, awesome! That means people want it.


Facebook Ads Dashboard


Find a few “interests” around your potential niche and go into the ads dashboard to see how large the reach is for an ad to that audience. You’ll get a good idea if it’s big enough to make a difference for your business.


Other businesses or products like yours


There are lots of niches and markets that are already thriving. See if you can find others who do something like what you want to do. If they did it, so can you.


Listen to those around you


You might be getting signs from those around you in your market or industry. Look for what people say is missing. Amazon book reviews is a great place to look for this outside of personal conversations.


Interviews and Surveys

Get in front of real people in your target market and ask them what they want and need. You’ll find some ideas easily by hearing from them.


After you have an audience


Sell then build


Also if you already have an audience and have an idea of what they want, you can always do a mini-launch to see if anyone wants to buy it. If they do, you build it! If they don’t, you don’t.


Test it with an opt-in freebie


You can create a mini-version of your idea and give it as an opt-in or make it a tripwire in an existing email sales funnel to see if anyone buys.




If you have an audience, send a survey asking about what they need most. Look at the most common answer and build a product around that.