Right now your marketing feels more like throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks. Plus you’re feeling like your time keeps going to all the little things so you don’t have time to actually make a plan for yourself to make it easier.


And even if you did, you’re not totally sure it would line up with your goals and getting more people into your programs and services.


But you know that a solid strategy and action plan is what will help you get more freedom while also creating the impact you want in your business.


So you’re stuck. And that keeps you {and maybe even your team} stuck too. But it’s not quite the time yet to bring on another team member to do it all for you.


I’ve got your back.


With a half-day strategy intensive, we will become biz besties {and your team can come too!} and help you create the plan you can execute to grow your business with less stress and better results.


You can choose from …


We’ll have a virtual mini-retreat and knock out some killer strategy for you to take and implement — whether you’re a solopreneur or you’ve got some sidekicks, these intensives will help you dial down the chaos and create easy paths to more sales in your business.


The investment for this 4 hour intensive is $1,200 (payment plans available, so please ask!).


I recommend we start with a free call to make sure we’re a good fit and choose the intensive that’s right for you.