Looking at the calendar and that launch is glaring at you and giving you all the anxious feels? 


At a loss for what content you should share before your launch to make sure your people are ready for you? 


Feeling overwhelmed at all the moving pieces? 


Worried that even if you get people to click over to your sales page you won’t really be able to convert? 


Or just plain lost about how to actually launch that big beautiful idea of yours to serve your audience?


You are so not alone. 


Kate BoydWhen I launched the first time, I felt like I was making it up as I went (because I was). And that was overwhelming. I just wanted people to love me!


But since then I’ve honed my launching skills and in fact seen crazy conversion rates because I’ve learned what it takes to prepare, serve, and sell your way to success in a launch.


So you and I can come together and calm those butterflies with a strategic plan, create amazing content ideas that lead the right people straight into your offer, lay out all the timelines so you never wonder what you’re missing, and I’ll personally throw in my copywriting skills on your sales page to make it sparkle and sell for your to convert more customers.


This isn’t my first rodeo … or even my fifth or sixth. In the last year, I’ve launched 4 of my own products and 3 others’ products. And conversion rates are my jam. 


With the Launch It and Profit Intensive, we’ll come together to nail down …


  • What pre-launch visibility opportunities you should be looking for and creating to earn expert status
  • What content will weed out the wrong people and warm up the right ones to set you up for success
  • How to position your product for a no-brainer “yes”
  • How to kickoff your launch using your strengths to build hype and trust for more sales
  • What emails to send, when to send them, and how to overcome objections there and on social media
  • Which personal touches to add to love on your leads and get the right “yes” from the right people
  • What advertising strategies {if any} you should be using to amplify your results


And if you sign up by August 31, you get my professional sales copywriting fingers on your sales page so it converts higher to complement all the other amazing success you create in your next launch.


This is worth $1,500 but if you claim your intensive by August 31 — you get it for just $799 {or 2 payments of $425}.


Check out what others have said about my work …


“I reached out to Kate because I created a new program, but I was struggling to convey the message clearly to my audience. I was ready to launch and feeling very unsure about it, but somehow Kate was able to read my mind, capture exactly what I wanted to say, and share that with my audience. All of the content and materials she created were authentic and done in a way that connected to my brand and voice. It not only saved me time, but it also converted clients into my program. I can’t wait to hire Kate again in the future.” — Addi Ganley


“Kate is an AMAZING combination of copy queen, strategist, and overall digital maven! She is stellar at seeing the things others can’t in business and then creating a plan to get results faster! I’ve watched her rock both of her businesses, convert with CRAZY percentages, and love on her clients in the biggest way!” — Lacey Craig


“No doubt, my very first group coaching program sold so well thanks to Kate’s help copywriting my sales page! She was able to take my heart for women and translate it to a beautiful sales message.” — Anna Frandsen