Does this sound like you?


  • Your last launch was kinda meh — a lot of effort for mediocre results — or worse, it totally flopped.
  • You felt burned out or overwhelmed with planning and executing all.the.things.
  • You love the personal side of it but get so stuck when it comes to the copy + content.
  • You’re wishing you could just show up during the launch + connect with your tribe instead of worrying about all the other parts.


If you were nodding like crazy along with any of those, then let me introduce you to your favorite launch hero … me!


I show up to be your sidekick to do the stuff you don’t want so you can do the parts you love (and only you can do) — show up to connect + change the lives of your tribe without the kryptonite of stress about copy + strategy.


Here’s the thing …


What exhausts you about a launch fuels me. Not just that, but people’s jaws regularly drop when I tell them my conversion rates.


My first launch ever had a 9% conversion rate — before I ever read anything about launching ever. Since then I average between 5-10% conversions on offers of all kinds. Here’s why:

I’ve got years non-profit fundraising + marketing experience. Ever tried selling the potential of an intangible thing? I did. And we held events and sent sales letters that brought in multiple 6-figures regularly.


I cut my teeth in journalism and copywriting. Words with truth, power, and inspiration are my jam. And I love helping people understand how YOUR awesome thing will change their lives + they get it.


My first business was built almost completely on digital information products. So I’ve tested many launch styles and strategies so I’ve got the experience and I love to play with old formats and find something new that fits the personality of you and your product.


My superpower is connecting dots. I see patterns or new ways of looking at normal things. My second superpower is teaching — making complex things simple. These gifts help me craft powerful messages that connect with your ideal audience and help them “get” you — so you make more sales.


I’m awesome at impressions — meaning, I can take on the voice of your brand easily so the copy doesn’t sound like me but like you. So no one will know your sidekick is even there, and you get to show up for the fun stuff.


I’m all up in the details (and I looooove it). I create launch plans that go from start to finish. We prime your audience, refine + position your offer, and personally connect with your warmest leads. All of which helps you convert at high rates.


With a list of 300 people, I filled 8 long-term client spots (twice) and got 20+ people into 2 group programs. I love launches more than most people love when a launch is finally over and they can go on vacay.


See what I mean? I’ve done this a few times + now I want to help you get the same results.



Introducing …

8-Week Pre-Launch Plan

Your cart open period is NOT the only thing you have to focus on for a launch. It’s all about preparing your audience to experience and desire the awesomeness you have coming. So we’ll create a unique content plan to prime them so they’re ready to buy when you say, “Join now!”

Launch Kickoff Event Plan

Challenges, webinars, video series, oh my! Creating a powerful experience to help build excitement and momentum for your launch is one of the most important parts of your launch. This is how you get new prospects and show them just how powerful learning from you can be. You create the content, and I’ll help edit and craft the experience for maximum impact.

Open Cart Period Plan

Needing to figure out what to do during launch week to keep people interested and moving them closer to the sale? No worries, friend. We’ll create a plan to answer objections, connect with your tribe, and insert bonuses and urgency triggers to make more sales.

Launch Sidekick on Call

During your open cart week, I’ll be on call in a Slack channel for you in case we decide to change it up based on your gut or your audience response. Edits, ideas, and encouragement are there for you, and I’ll respond within 4 hours to any message between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Central time.

Sales Copy

Words matter, and I’ve got a good handle on them. I’ll personally write copy for …


  • Up to 10 launch emails
  • Up to 5 Promotional Social Media Posts
  • Up to 3 Ads
  • 1 opt-in page
  • 1 Sales Page
  • 1 Upsell Page (optional)

Detailed Timelines and To-Do Lists for Your Team

I’ll make sure you and your team know what to do every single day of your launch timeline so no one feels lost or overwhelmed with the plan. We can even share a Trello Board to make sure all projects are completed and approved as we go.

Facebook Advertising Strategy (optional)

Organic launches can be seriously powerful in themselves, but if you’re looking to add some paid traffic to your launch then Facebook Ads are becoming an incredible tool to support your launch efforts. We can talk through a strategy for your ads to make sure you’re in touch with your audience every step along their journey.

All of this strategy and copy is available to you for the investment of $3,500.

Additional services can be retained for the following costs.


A la carte Add-ons


  • Email copy  — $200 each
  • Social Media Post copy — $50 each
  • Blog post copy — $200 each
  • Ad copy — $50 each
  • Email set up — $500 for all emails
  • Facebook Ad Management — $500 pre-launch and $500 during launch (does not include your advertising budget)
  • Other technical detail management — prices vary


Your best launch is ahead of you. I can feel it. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be stressful and exhausting. There can be ease, grace, and excitement to go with your big results.


Space is limited. So apply for your clarity call today.