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You want a life of big impact. One that touches lives and makes a difference.


But there are really only so many hours in a day.


It can be incredibly easy to get caught up in all the people that you can’t help because you ran out of time and you can’t sacrifice your own health or time with your loved ones (or maybe you already are and you want to stop doing that!).


That’s the beauty of passive income products.


They give you a way to package your expertise to be accessible to more people than ever before and can create a consistent stream of revenue to your business … so you can change lives and make money even when you sleep.


That’s what Purpose-Filled Passive Income is all about.


You’ll get the tools to create the RIGHT passive income product for your audience and learn all of the front-end and back-end systems to start selling.


There is a wrong way to do it


I’ve been using passive income products as the foundation for my business for three years, and it’s given me incredible consistency and freedom.


But what I’ve discovered is that there’s a lot of information online about passive income that is pointing everyone in the wrong direction or giving them only a piece of the passive profit puzzle.


And I’m not about that.


I’ve been in the trenches for 3 years. Every year, my profit increases by about 30%. And every month I sell an average of $1,500 but it still takes work (that’s the part no one likes to tell you about).


But even though passive income is never TRULY passive, in can still be totally worth it if you create the right product and put the systems in place to keep it moving every day.


And that’s what I want for you.


Passive income that works for you and your audience. So you’re changing lives without trading time for money.


That’s why I created Purpose-Filled Passive Income.


I want to give you the tools to …


  • choose the right product for your audience so they’re ready to buy
  • create killer content that they’ll pay money for
  • help your audience make it to the finish line and see real results because word of mouth and real results is one of the best ways to market your passive product
  • outline all the systems you need to create it, sell it, and deliver it because this is where I see too many people get overwhelmed and quit. Not you. Not in this course.


I’ve done it. I know it can work when you do it the right way. And I want you to have the freedom to serve more people without sacrificing yourself.


Here’s what’s inside:


Module 1: Transformative Topics

In this module you’ll …

  • find out what your audience really wants from you so you don’t waste time or money creating a product that flops
  • test your idea to see if it’ll actually sell or if you need to improve it first
  • choose a topic that will get them real results so they become raving fans for life

Module 3: Purposeful Product Creation

In this module, you’ll …

  • learn the parts every product needs to include so it will be successful from the start
  • outline your entire product and its features so you’re customers get the right results
  • choose the materials you need to help your customers get the most out of your product and love you for it

Module 2: Best Fit Format

In this module you’ll …

  • learn about the types of passive products you can choose from to create results for your clients
  • determine which one is right for your audience so they actually stick to it and get the results they want
  • research the competition to find out how to stand out and be seen (even in a crowded market)

Module 4: Bangin' Bonuses

In this module, you’ll …

  • learn how to stack value upon value to make your offer even more irresistible
  • create added materials to help your customers take their results to the next level
  • add the right features to get them to the finish line and beyond with amazing results

Mid-course gut check + implementation week so you can put your head down and work without feeling behind or interrupted by coursework

Module 5: Strategic Sales Funnel

In this module, you’ll …

  • map out your sales process from start to finish so you’re not overwhelmed when you try to promote it
  • create the right content to pique interest and get people in the door
  • learn to build an amazing customer experience that creates relationships AND repeat customers

Module 7: Excellent Email Funnels

In this module, you’ll …

  • learn how to put your product on autopilot using email to save you time and energy
  • discover the emails that build relationships and sell consistently
  • write emails that get opened and engage your audience so your product sells regularly

Module 6: Awesome Sauce Sales and Opt in Pages

In this module you’ll …

  • learn the strategies and structures to write killer copy for your sales page
  • create an opt-in page that converts consistently
  • write them both with ease using tried and true templates

Module 8: Smooth Systems

In this module you’ll

  • Learn the 6 systems every passive income product needs to run smoothly without you there every second
  • Discover the best tools and resources for making it happen (and making it easy to set up)
  • Find out how you can set up your product to get paid while you sleep

Modules also include:


  • Video lessons that cover key concepts
  • Worksheets to help you apply the coursework to your audience and idea
  • Resource and tip sheets to make sure you have all you need to make it work
  • My copy swipe files so you know where to start when sitting down to write


This is the exact process I take for every passive product I’ve created. In just 2 ½ years, I’ve earned over $23,000 with ease using these methods. This one investment can yield returns for years to come because you’re learning straight from someone who has been there and done that.

Amy Lasseter Testimonial!


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In 2013, I started a hobby blog about cheerleading for new coaches looking for help to up their competence and confidence. And by 2014, I decided it was time to see if I could turn it into a business.


I asked my email list of about 150 people what they most needed help with, and a large majority said the same thing. Cheerleading stunts. So I created an online course and launched it.


I sold it at $79 to 12 people and made my first $948 in a week … before I even built the program.


It was just an idea. An outline on a sales page. But people were in.


Since then, I’ve revamped it twice and sell it now for $199, and an average of 10 people purchase it every month through an automated funnel.


That’s the power of a great product and positioning.


That’s the power of Purpose-Filled Passive Income.


Since then I’ve built a second business as a business coach and strategist for other online entrepreneurs because I believe in the power of personalized help and getting the right result for you and your customers.


Which is why I’m not just gonna show you how I did it. I’m going to give you the framework and decision-making tools to find what product will work for you and your audience so you can make the biggest impact in their lives as possible.


I don’t want a lot of little Kate Boyds running around. I want to see you using your gifts and expertise to change lives. And that’s why I’m adding in these bonuses to make sure you are absolutely set for success.





  1. 2 30-minute sessions with me to review your outline and your sales funnel and give you personalized feedback to make it most strategic
  2. 1 copy review from me for your emails and web pages to make your copy sing (and convert)
  3. Private Facebook group to brainstorm, ask questions, and connect with other passive empire builders
  4. You Name It worksheet so you can create a killer name for your product that gets attention (in a good way)
  5. Launch Ready Checklist so you know exactly what needs to be in place (and what can wait) before you can open the doors and start selling
  6. Office hours every week to ask questions and get personalized feedback on your product and places you may be getting stuck
  7. Mid-course, gut check + implementation week so you can put your head down and work without feeling behind or interrupted by coursework


Then there are some other limited time bonuses if you act fast!

  • The earlybird deadline is September 21. If you sign up by then, you get the course for a 15% discount!
  • And the first 5 people to register get an extra 60 minute one-on-one session with me at any point in the program to help you get unstuck or create something even more awesome.


You get this entire course for just $799 paid in full or two payments of $425.

But for earlybirds, it’s only $679 paid in full or two payments of $350.


My website, when I first created it was boring, stiff and it just wasn’t me. I was so excited to have Kate come in and share how I can create my copy so that it resonates with my ideal client. Kate’s trainings were amazing! The videos were very helpful and packed with knowledge on this topic, they were easy to follow and listen to and she touches on important aspects that I would not have thought of myself. Everything was perfectly laid out and I was excited to get to work!

By working through her trainings and workbook, I was able to narrow down my ideal client and who it was I really wanted to be servicing.  I had a generalized idea prior to this but her trainings helped me get down to the nitty gritty and it became very clear to me who I was trying to reach, which is extremely important. I was also able to firm up my mission statement and elevator speech. I ended up re-writing my copy that I had originally created and started making it my own. I made sure that when my ideal client visits my website, they can hear my personality, my passion, excitement and they are able to easily connect with me. This is still a work in progress for me as I’m getting my business up and running and I’m still applying what I’ve learned from Kate to continue updating and making it more ME.  Kate’s trainings were extremely helpful and gave me the confidence I needed to not be afraid to be myself, be authentic and to help make my voice be heard within my website and content. Thank you for all your expertise, tips and pearls of wisdom you have shared, it has made a world of a difference for my business!

Mindy Abbeduto

Minderella Designs


You are finally able to help those clients who are dying to work with you but can’t afford it (yet).


You have consistent income coming in that you’re excited about because you know it helped people and because it supports you in return.


You are creating real results to change people’s lives every day without trading time for money.


You are able to up-level your business because you’ve got more consistent cashflow.


You have the freedom to take time for yourself and your family without feeling like you should be helping out someone else or like you’re running around trying to build something that just doesn’t seem to be working.


Passive income (done the way I teach you in this course) makes all of that possible … but only when it’s done the right way.


With Purpose-Filled Passive Income, you learn the right way to create a product, the systems that sell it, and the keys to creating big results for you and your customers with a product that can potentially make you consistent income for years to come.


It’s all yours for just $799 paid in full or two payments of $425.


But for earlybirds who join by September 21, it’s $679 paid in full or two payments of $350!


The cart closes on September 30. So don’t miss your chance to get start creating more freedom and more impact in your business through passive products.



Earlybird Price Ends