God has graciously given me some of the best women I’ve ever met to work with. They’re change-makers, dreamers, and doers who know they’re ready to make a big impact on people’s lives by meeting real needs. I’m so honored to share in their journey.


Here’s what they have to say about the experience.

“Kate Boyd was everything I didn’t know I needed. I first saw Kate’s post in a group we both belong too and was immediately interested in her message. We shared similar beliefs and she was offering business help for the faithful entrepreneur. I was totally interested. After going to Kate’s website I knew I had to work with her and my discovery call only confirmed that. Kate has been a huge blessing for me and my business. She has brought me closer to my faith and brought me immense clarity in my business. I know exactly what I want out of my business and out of my future now. Her program has been amazing. I have learned so much about myself and my needs. I even used some of her methods on my husband to learn about him too! Working with Kate is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I’m so eternally grateful for her and her dedication to helping me. I highly recommend calling Kate about your business needs. She can help you in ways you cannot even imagine.” 

Ashley Love

A. Love Marketing

“Kate has helped me find new purpose, joy and clarity in my business. I connected with Kate at a time when I felt like I knew what I wanted for my business but still felt disconnected from it. I wasn’t sure how it fit into my overall sense of purpose and how to bring my faith into it in a natural and authentic way. 

Kate’s genuine and easygoing demeanour make her really relatable. She also has a rare quality of listening that helps you to talk easily about the things that really matter. She is really smart and knows what she’s talking about, but also creates the space for you to discover for yourself what you need to figure out.

She helped me focus on structuring my business to fit who God made me to be and on the goals I have for my life right now. I thought I knew what I wanted for my business before I met her, but I’m so much clearer on it now. Instead of getting caught up in following everyone else’s advice, I’m feeling grounded in what works for me and my family. I also feel a lot more confident that I can actually do this and enjoy it. I’d recommend her wholeheartedly if you’re ready to get clear and grow your business!”

Jadyn Senior

Interior Decorator, Nesting Ever After

“Kate’s message first stood out to me because she spoke from a Christian point of view rather than portraying the trending “Boss Babe” message. Because Kate put out so many fabulous blog posts, workbooks and videos, I was convinced that I could assemble my previous knowledge and her information to move forward in my business. I really didn’t see the need for a coach – I could do it myself. Once I really started working on my message I found that I was struggling. I realized that I needed to talk to someone who could help me clarify my thoughts.

That’s where Kate came in. She not only helped me with my message but she challenged me with insightful questions. She didn’t just give me a homework assignment based on our conversation – she actually brainstormed with me during our call and together we were able to map out both my blog and social media strategy. Our coaching sessions were so much more valuable than what I expected. Thank you Kate for getting me ‘unstuck’ and helping me move forward!”

Jenai Gatlin

Cooking Up Some Dough

“I had a short, albeit immensely helpful session with Kate during a time of transition for my business. Through the process of talking through my business plan with her, I experienced clarity and felt a burst of motivation. She helped me talk through priorities and important factors. I look forward to acting on the action plan she helped create going into the next quarter!”

Emilie Burke

Burke Does

“I met Kate through my sister, Kayla and while in our ‘Strategy for Success Mastermind’ where Kate was featured as a guest expert on writing our copy and improving our communication with our clients.  I was very excited to have her with us to share her knowledge and tips as I had recently just launched my Event Design business.  Everything  that goes into starting a business, creating a website, being an entrepreneur for me is literally BRAND new! I’m actually not afraid to admit that when I decided to follow my dreams and open my own business, I was clueless!

My website, when I first created it was boring, stiff and it just wasn’t me. I was so excited to have Kate come in and share how I can create my copy so that it resonates with my ideal client. Kate’s trainings were amazing! The videos were very helpful and packed with knowledge on this topic, they were easy to follow and listen to and she touches on important aspects that I would not have thought of myself. Everything was perfectly laid out and I was excited to get to work!

By working through her trainings and workbook, I was able to narrow down my ideal client and who it was I really wanted to be servicing.  I had a generalized idea prior to this but her trainings helped me get down to the nitty gritty and it became very clear to me who I was trying to reach, which is extremely important. I was also able to firm up my mission statement and elevator speech. I ended up re-writing my copy that I had originally created and started making it my own. I made sure that when my ideal client visits my website, they can hear my personality, my passion, excitement and they are able to easily connect with me. This is still a work in progress for me as I’m getting my business up and running and I’m still applying what I’ve learned from Kate to continue updating and making it more ME.  Kate’s trainings were extremely helpful and gave me the confidence I needed to not be afraid to be myself, be authentic and to help make my voice be heard within my website and content. Thank you for all your expertise, tips and pearls of wisdom you have shared, it has made a world of a difference for my business!

Mindy Abbeduto

Minderella Designs

“In a short space of time Kate helped me me see my new path a lot more quickly. I am transitioning in my business and needed clarity on how to engage in Facebook groups, how to create a confident clear offering, and how to attract people that I feel will benefit from my offering. Kate listened and was so patient as she shared exactly what she thought will work, and I’m confident it will work for me.”

Patricia Q.

Podcast Maven

“I found Kate in a conversation on Facebook demonstrating her talent for word smithing; I knew I needed her help! We connected and she spent a great deal of time with me listening to my story, and what I needed. I was in search for a title for my upcoming indiegogo campaign that will be the foundation for my business funding. I had no idea what to call it! Kate listened and took lots of notes, and reviewed all of the content that I have already, and then about a week later I received an awesome list of titles, sub titles, and buzz words, plus her notes and thoughts on all of them! Wow! I ended up choosing her favorites from the list, and I feel so much more confident putting my campaign out there to the world! I look forward to working with Kate again on future endeavors!

Ginny Branden

SoulPet Connections

“I really enjoyed my Brand Clarity Assessment session with Kate. I found it to be very valuable and very personalized and filled with really useful tips and suggestions from Kate that I could immediately put into action to grow my healing business.

Kate sent me a business questionnaire to complete before the session, and she took the time to review it and to look at my website and Facebook page before our session. So when the time came for our session, Kate already had a sense of me, my work, and where I’m at in my business. When we started the session, she already had lots of feedback ready to offer me based on her pre-session review. Then, based on our live conversation, Kate offered me even more personalized, concrete, actionable advice and suggestions. Immediately following the session, she even emailed me her notes from the session that I can refer back to.

I felt very valued in my session with Kate … both before, during, and after. The experience provided me with a lot of clear action steps that were custom to me and my healing business and that could assist me in growing my business and expanding my client base.

Thank you again Kate for your time and attention and care. Your work is a blessing to not only you and me, but to the world … because for every person like me who you help with growing their business, you are also helping the people we serve by making it possible for them to find us and take action to work with us.”


Boston, MA

“I have spoken to Kate on several calls and she has helped me work through everything from the details of a sales funnel to getting past mental blocks and having faith in my talents. Kate has a gentle voice and is super easy to talk to. You can immediately tell that she’s there to help you achieve your dreams.

As a member of her group, she keeps me motivated and inspired with her daily posts and questions. Kate has a generous spirit and it comes through with all of the valuable content she shares. I have learned so much from her, not only about strategy, but also how to embrace my gifts and share them with so many others. I recommend connecting with Kate and letting her help you become the successful person you’re striving to be – inside and out.”

Gina Karas

California Scrappin'

“During my session with Kate, we were able to create an effective mission statement, a foundational piece to any business.  She helped me pinpoint who I am as a coach, who I help, and where to find my dreamy clients.  She is kind and strategic, and encourages you to try and tweak as you build your brand.”  

Shi Chen

Leadership and Wellness Coach, Shi Chen Coaching

“From the moment I started talking with Kate, I felt like I was having coffee with a friend in person. Being new to the business realm, I felt completely comfortable asking all of my ‘I probably should know the answer to this’ questions. She answered each with diligence and every second spent was of high value to me as I start my journey.”

Ashley Solberg

Creator, She is {blank space}

“I was anxious about putting in place a consistent content creation strategy for my email list and facebook page, worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with producing new content every week. Kate helped me refine my plan and reinforced that I can build up to weekly content, focus on the creation process so that I have content scheduled ahead of time, and repurpose content for different channels. Thanks Kate! You made this solopreneur journey a little less solo!”

Kerryn Hewson

Systems Strategist and Productivity Mentor, Adventures in Productivity