I started this business about a month ago, which seems a bit crazy.


Because if I’m honest, there has been a LOT that has gone on in that short amount of time. And I attribute the momentum I was able to pick up from the start to one little video I made on my first day.


I’m telling you all about the one video that became my secret weapon and landed me 3 clients in my first week as a online business coach.



The highlights:

  • My story ended up being my #1 selling point. Every person who applied for a scholarship said that video of my story did made them want to work with me.
  • Stories break down barriers and help us understand things in a way we can’t otherwise.
  • Stories connect us to others and help us relate to one another.
  • We need a why for our businesses so people can connect to them. What’s yours?
  • You also need a how. Tell them what you do and how. It takes the story a little further and gives them the opportunity to be a part of that. And who doesn’t want to do that?!

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