Your website is your digital doorstep. It’s where people come to find solutions to their problems because they think you might be the person to help.


So, needless to say, the content you put out on it is incredibly important because it’s what turn browsers into buyers … strangers into trusted friends and clients. So today, I’m breaking down the things your copy has got to do to make a difference.


Get their attention

Attention is scarce is this fast-paced digital age. You’ve got to command it (in a delightful way, of course). So every heading and bolded item needs to say, “Hey, listen, I’ve got your back.”


When you keep things simple and instantly captivating, you keep them coming back for more … or at least scrolling down the page further.

Relate to them


So you’re wondering, how in the world do I get their attention. I’ve got you. You relate to them. Paint the picture of their current life, their frustrations, and their dreams.


The thing about trust is they need to know you’re the one to help them. So even if it means talking about the hardest part of your journey, you’ve gotta do it when it’s part of theirs too.


Show you’re the right person


Your website isn’t just your home. It’s also your billboard. So you’re not just trying to tell people you understand and tell them about their problems. That’s just step 1.


Step 2 is telling them why you’re the gal for the job. You’ve got to show credibility, personality, and authenticity across the board so they can connect and know you’re the right person for their job (if you are).


Deepen the relationship


Your doorstep is no good unless you’ve put out a welcome mat and invited them inside. Your content needs to be offering them ways to take the relationship to the next level, which could be …


  • Joining your email list
  • Reading just one more blog post
  • Finally checking out that sales page
  • Booking a discovery call


Ideally, you’re asking them to do all of these things, but you have to decide on the one most important item you’re looking to do and make it the most prominent call to action.


Give consistent value


Give. Give. Give. You’ve probably heard that over and over … but that’s because it’s true. One of the best ways to do that is through your content.


Your website should be a place where you put out information that brings people to you and delivers high value to them. Your content needs to be strategic and consistent so they know you know you’re stuff and are still hanging around to help them out.

Client Generation To-Do List