I remember the moment I decided to start selling an online product. It was the moment I was choosing to make the online space my future and turn my happy side project into a full-on, income generating business.


And it felt good.


Then I had to make a plan to make sales happen. And that’s no exception in a service-based business. You need to have a plan and systems to get leads every week (heck, even every day) if you want to turn your side hustle into your dream job … your hobby into your business.


But sales can come in many forms, and these are two types of funnels you need to start preparing for to make ‘em happen.


Relationship Sales Funnel


People are made to depend on one another, to be in community together. And that means we all have skills that can contribute to others. Many times, your business can be made possible by connecting with others.


This works in a couple of ways:


  1. You connect with peers and collaborators —–> they recommend you or connect you to potential clients —–> clients have a call or visit a sales page —–> you convert to sales
  2. You connect with potential clients —–> get to know them —–> help them with a problem —-> provide a solution for going deeper —–> convert to sales OR holding pattern ——> check in with a follow up connection —–> convert to sales


Relationships, especially in service-based businesses, become its lifeblood. Creating connections can fuel your business. So it’s important to have relationship-type funnels in place to move your business forward.


Automated Sales Funnel


Another way to get leads through the door and into your sales process is by automating it. Automation can be really useful, especially as you desire to scale your business or if you have online info products that you want to have available all the time.


The way you do this is through an email marketing sales funnel. And it looks a bit like:


Opt-in freebie ——> Nurturing emails ——> Special offer ——> Hard sell or offer expiration —–> purchase of entry offer ——> delivery + upsell opportunity


This type of funnel allows you to have emails that nurture people through a process of trusting you and buying a typically low-end offer. This offer allows them to get to know you better, purchase something small, and provide an opportunity for an upsell down the line for another product or service.


This is great because it can potentially lead to sales while you sleep or getting even more people into your overall sales funnel because you can nurture them with your future emails and potentially convert them later.


Having solid sales funnels in place allows for a good customer experience and a way for you to connect and convert sales on a regular basis. So you need to have an intentional process you desire to walk people through in order to make it pleasant and more probable that they come to you.