You’ve probably heard this term thrown around a bit in the online marketing space. Everyone’s talking about five-figure sales funnels, and you might be wondering what in the world they mean.
Well, I’m here to help you out. 🙂


Sales Funnel Basics


A sales funnel is just a fancy way of saying that there’s a process people walk through when they make decisions about whether or not to buy. It looks a little something like this for an online business.


Sales Funnel(1)


Why You Need One


Whether you know it or not, you have one. It’s just a matter of asking the question, “Is it intentional?” If your answer right now is “no” that’s okay. But that means it’s time to take action and start working it out. This is how people go from browsers to buyers. And we all want that!


How to Create One


First, you start by determining what each step looks like for your unique business. What does consideration and preference look like? And get specific. Then think of how you can create the intentional experience for them. So if consideration means they get on your email list, preference is then what? And what turns a preference into a purchase?


How to Make It Work


Each of these steps will require an intentional communication strategy. So you need to set up your website, your optin, and even create content for your Facebook posts and blog posts that move people through the steps. That’s why email marketing becomes so important.


Strategy is Key


Here’s the deal, you’ll be tempted to jump over steps. I know I was! You’re eager and ready for people to buy already. But it takes time to build your know, like, and trust factors … AND it takes time for people to move through the process.


It takes strategy and patience, but it works! It’s the crux of every online businesses, and yours won’t be an exception. So start defining the end goal and the process it takes to get people there.


Keep Playing with It


Everything in business is a grand experiment for you and your audience. So take your time and don’t get discouraged when the steps don’t work quite like you thought. Instead, find joy in the creativity of creating new strategies and tweaking them. When you fall in love with the process, you’ll always love your business.

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