Do you know that joke you just love to tell over and over again?


What about that story about the time in your life when everything changed?


Or the one where you went through something really hard but came out on the other side?


Those are all powerful stories that we share and we tell. Stories connect us. Stories help us communicate widely and powerfully.


In all the good speeches you’ve ever heard or the books you’ve read, what sticks out to you most? It’s the stories, right?! Those are the parts that we remember and tell over and over.


It turns out that our brains are hard-wired for story. Our defenses fall and our minds engage in unique ways when a story is being told. And the best communicators use them often and use them well.


Just look at how often Jesus used stories to teach and express difficult concepts in easier ways. Or how much of the Bible is told in narrative form. It’s plain to see that stories are key, and I know they are for your business too.


Today we’re digging deeper into that.


How you can use stories


Stories can be used in many ways in your business. I like to use them to …


Teach in my content

Create connection by sharing my story

Telling about my business in a unique way

Share the benefits or results of my products and packages


You can do the same. They are great tools for giving examples to teach or illustrate a point. They create great emotional connections when sharing your story or someone else’s. And they demonstrate the effectiveness of you and your work so you can sell well. You can (and should) use them everywhere.


Let’s explore how.


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Parts of a story


A good story consists of a few important parts:


Characters: the main character (or hero), supporting characters, and antagonists

Setting: where it happens and the background or culture of the where

Plot: the actually story part that gets from beginning to middle to end

Conflict: the main problem faced in the story which is largely dealt with in the climax

Resolution: the ending of the conflict, whether good or bad


These parts set the scene, bring clarity to the story, and help you set it up and knock it out of the park. By utilizing these and even some common storytelling structures (like the Hero’s Journey which I help clients do in my Magnetic Marketing Sessions), you can easily create stories that flow and accomplish your main purpose.


Stories You Can Use


Creating a great arsenal of stories can be powerful for you to have so you can continue to take your content to a new level. Then you can easily find your flow and connect with clients and customers. In fact, it was my story of how I started my business that landed me three clients in 2 days!


So here is a short list of stories you should have on hand …


Why you started your business

Testimonials/client results you’ve seen

How did you know this was the right business for you or find your skills

How/why you created a certain package, product, or experience

A big aha moment, sacrifice/investment you made, failure or success

Big or small wins you’ve had


Using these stories and more, you can create deep connection and leverage your expertise in a new way to reach people even more powerfully. Stories help you share without sleaze and sell with ease. It’s time you used some of them!


Want to learn how and start creating your arsenal of stories around a particular product or service? You should check out my Magnetic Marketing Sessions. We’ll develop your marketing plan and determine how and when to use stories to help you fill your funnel and sell your digital products or services.

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